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Three basic estate planning documents:

  • Will (Last Will & Testament)
  • DPOA (Durable Power of Attorney)
  • Trust

Each of these documents identifies an entity that is responsible for the action steps called for by each of those documents. An entity could be a person or a business. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) considers an entity as one having a unique identifying number such as a Social Security Number, an EIN or a TIN. WE Trust Company serves clients as a named entity in the above documents.

WE Trust Company offers Personal Representative Services and Probate Assistance Services to administer a probate smoothly, efficiently and cost effectively. Personal Representative and Probate Assistance fees are tax deductible to the estate. We work with attorneys, accountants, appraisers, auctioneers, estate sale individuals, real estate agents and antique dealers in the area. We contact creditors, pay bills, inventory all assets, (including real estate), hire appraisers, work through medical bills, handle insurance claims, divide up assets, and do all that is required to move the probate to a close.

Personal Representative. In circumstances where there isn't a family member to carry out your final wishes or your estate is complicated or potentially sensitive and you don’t wish to burden a family member, WE Trust Company acts as a named Personal Representative in a Will to guide the estate though probate.

Agent under Durable Power of Attorney. WE Trust Company is named as Agent under a DPOA to assist you in your personal business dealings when you cannot act on your own behalf or have other significant priorities.

Trustee. We Trust Company, as an independent Trustee, administers a Trust set up for beneficiaries. We manage the Trust, but not the Trust's funds. We partner with financial advisors to appropriately invest and monitor Trust assets.

Working With Attorneys & Financial Advisors & Probate Attorneys

Working with Probate Attorneys. We expeditiously gather and deliver the required information to help settle your Estate in an efficient and timely manner.

Working with Estate Planning Attorneys. Think of your attorney as an architect, and the estate planning documents she’s prepared for you as your “blueprints”, we are the general contractor.  We ensure that what has been outlined by your attorney, according to your wishes, gets done.

In naming us in legal documents, use “WE Trust Company, a Washington chartered trust company, and its successor and assigns.”

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