Probate Assistance



Most people have little to no experience acting as a Personal Representative to guide an estate through probate. There are court timelines and specific legal and procedural requirements that a personal representative is responsible for meeting. This can take a tremendous toll on people’s lives.

WE Trust can alleviate some of this stress and emotional turmoil.

We can help with probate administration by taking care of many details. Acting as an impartial third party, we work with attorneys, accountants, appraisers, real estate professionals, creditors, auctioneers, estate sale individuals, and antique dealers to pay bills, inventory all assets (including real estate), work through medical bills, handle insurance claims, divide up assets, and do everything that is required to move the probate to a close.

We help keep the probate process on track, ensuring that all the small details are attended to. We have resources to handle all the necessary requirements to administer a probate smoothly, efficiently, and above all, cost effectively. All of our Personal Representative and Probate Assistance fees are tax deductible to the estate.

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