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Cherie Ware founded Ware & Associates in 1997, performing primarily estate administration services. In 2002, Amy Egtvet joined, and in 2006 the two women formalized their partnership and became Ware, Egtvet & Associates, LLC.

Over time, the company’s services expanded, and Ware Egtvet was named in their client’s estate planning documents as Executor, Attorney-In-Fact, and Trustee. They also began to offer personal assistance as a financial advocate and a family officer manager.

In 2016, the company established WE Trust Company, incorporated in the State of Washington, and went through a rigorous process and earned Trust Powers by the State of Washington Department of Financial Institutions. Since the beginning of 2017, the company conducts its daily business as WE Trust Company.

In addition to growing our services and client base, we have also added to the WE Trust Team. Learn more about our dedicated team of professionals below.

Cherie Ware

Cherie Ware, Owner

Amy Egtvet

Amy Egtvet, Owner

Jules Cechony


Jules Cechony, Director of Family Office

Marie Dunn

Marie Dunn

Marie Dunn, Office Administrator

Star Vilai

Star Vilai

Star Vilai, Administrative Associate

Ann Duncan

Ann Duncan, Associate

Kristi Nilson

Kristi Nilson, Associate

Alise Rueckert

Alise Rueckert, Associate

Ann Easton


Ann Easton, Director of Operations

Charlotte Heinecke


Charlotte Heinecke, Controller

Lora Campbell


Lora Campbell, Associate

Nancy Gilbert


Nancy Gilbert, Associate

Alisa Penttila


Alisa Penttila, Associate

Jenny Wohlhueter

Jenny Wohlhueter, Associate

Kristen Yagle


Kristen Yagle, Dir. of Trusts and Estates

Christy Higgins

Christy Higgins, Internal Auditor

Jeanne Coueuille


Jeanne Coeuille, Associate

Michelle Meyerdierks


Michelle Meyerdierks, Associate

Kate Petrie

Kate Petrie, Associate


Amber, Cockapoo

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