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Office Services

Our clients rely on us to manage their affairs, which could include monitoring and paying monthly bills, providing guidance on budgeting, home office management, personal business management or to help manage finances in the event of a life changing event. Whether you need long term or temporary assistance, our mission is to keep your finances on track, on time and organized.

Our Services

  • Daily money management (DMM)* at your home or in our office
  • Bank and brokerage account reconciliation
  • Bill paying
  • Check writing and online banking assistance
  • Tax organization and liaison to accountant and other advisors
  • Personal business management

We Work with Your Financial Advisors and Accountants

We assist financial advisors by interacting with creditors and paying bills in a timely fashion. This saves costly service fees, potential bad credit fees and late interest fees. It keeps your financial position strong and healthy, and saves the financial advisor stress from depleting the client’s portfolio at the last minute in order to pay statements that have fallen through the cracks.

WE Trust Company maintains organized and itemized documents, so that during tax time -- or any other time -- your accountant or tax preparer receives an organized package containing all the needed information, clearly itemized and recorded. This saves valuable time for you and your accountant, and expedites the tax return preparation process.

*Daily money managers (DMMs) provide personal business assistance to clients who have difficulty in managing their personal monetary affairs. The services meet a continuum of needs, from organizing and keeping track of financial and medical insurance papers, to assisting with check writing and maintaining bank accounts.

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